Visble Symbols of a God Unseen

In John 14:15-21 Jesus is with his friends sharing their last meal. Soon he would be arrested, tried on very dubious grounds, flogged and crucified. As they talked Jesus warned them that very soon he would be leaving them, but not to worry because he would send another like him to comfort them, to guide them – to be his Presence with them – the Holy Spirit. The World very soon would not see him, but through the
Spirit they would.

The same is true today. We still wait the return of Jesus. He is no longer on the earth. But the Good News is that we know him, and ‘see’ him, because he lives in us by that same Spirit.

With the gift of the Holy Spirit comes a responsibility. It is through those first disciples that the world would come to know Jesus, and the church be born and grow. Today it is our responsibility to keep on showing the world Jesus through our words and deeds – our love. I found this quote recently ‘they are interested in visible symbols of a God unseen.’ The person who wrote it was talking about the writings of the Bible, but it is just as true of people today. People long for symbols of our unseen God…


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