The Unjust Judge (Luke18:1-8)

When I asked Julian for the notes to this sermon he replied:

Hi Ben,
All these good comments – that is a great encouragement to me.
My notes, well as I said they were on the back of a fag packet.
When I do a sermon I use bullet points only, that are hand written, don’t know why but it works for me.

These are the bullet points used, I think…

– these parables, all those used so far contain much more than can read on the first reading.
– on the face of it the parable says all that there is to say – keep praying and don’t give up. – but pray about what?
– review the story – judge and woman. Excellent judge not influenced by God or Man. – perfect. yet he gives into the woman. – thus making someone else lose. We have no idea of the events, if they ever occured – Christ doesn’t need the detail.
– after the campaign, the judge gives in – link to “George Davis is innocent campaign”.
– can we chivvy God like the woman? Would he be a God worth worshipping if we could?
– what if we pay for justice?
– Jesus does promise in the text to give justice, but do WE want to receive justice from God – I don’t!!! I know what I’ve done.
– so God takes on the role of the judge and gives us what we want – freedom from judgement, then somebody has to pay – Christ.
– Jesus says – God will give them justice soon enough – when he is on the cross, then he loses, and we like the woman win, whether we deserve it or not.
– in OT – Judges (good link) Israel did what they wanted and God raised up a local superpower to sort them out.
– in NT – God puts himself on the cross for us – giving justice at the expense of someone else. (himself)
– Jesus finishes by asking will the Son of God on his return find faith – earlier chapter was talking about the end days.
– aside judgement day – no list of wrongs will be published, however big or small because Christ has already paid the bill.
– the justice we seek is to be in God’s Book of Life – Luke 10 – v20
– we live in a time when faith is under pressure – big time – we need to focus and not be drawn into unimportant matters – including the WFC/RFC issues – lets get on with what is needed.
– we have a message of grace which no other faith has – let’s use it and show the world what it means.

There – I think that covers it – sure to have missed something, but these are the main bits.

See you – regards, Julian.

Thanks Julian!


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