Sci-Fi & Latest rpg acquisitions

Been on a bit of a sci-fi binge of late. Having read fantasy novels for years, have become a bit bored with them – struggling to find any with much new to offer outside what have become standard cliches. Found myself reading sci-fi novels and re-discovered my love of them.

So what have I been reading:
Robert Silverberg – The Man in the Maze
Philip K Dick – Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep (became Blade Runner on the big screen)
Gregory Benford – Timescape
Stephen Donaldson – The Gap Series

Just started:
Greg Bear – Blood Music

Not surprisingly, this has had a knock on effect on my roleplaying interests.
I’ve recently picked up a couple of new games:

A|State – a bleak sci-fi game set in The City, a Dickensian setting with the poor in the gutter living alongside the rich in their towers. For more info

Blue Planet – after environmental troubles on earth, humans are sent to settle on a newly found water covered planet called Poseidon. Contact is ‘lost’ for many years. The game is set when it is re-established… For more info

Toying with which to run my next campaign on.

Also toying with obtaining a copy of A Thousand Suns rpg but trying to resist the urge… (recite, I must not buy another game, I must not buy another game…)


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