The Return of Blue Planet

Blue planet is a roleplaying game that in many ways promises to be perfect for me! Anything that brings together my love of nature and the life sciences, sci-fi and roleplaying is going to hit that sweet spot – especially if it veers towards the rule-lite end of gaming. So what is Blue Planet?

Blue Planet is set in 2199AD. For various reasons life on earth has become extremely troubled. Fortunately there is hope. A wormhole was discovered some years before that led to another planet, Poseidon, which is smaller than earth and mainly covered in water (hence the games title). People had been sent over previously to colonize it, however due to the troubles on earth, the second wave were never sent and contact was lost. By 2199AD contact has been restored, and more people are being sent to live there, and the big corporations are moving in. How do the original settlers take this? And what about the planets first inhabitants? That is the game…

The setting is fantastic – original, detailed, realistic and with bags of campaign ideas to explore. I hope to run a campaign using it before the year’s out.

For more about Blue Planet check out where details of the game and its new publisher can be found. Also take a look at the Game Geeks review below:


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