Luke 19:28-48 – The Visit of the King

Notes from an All Age Service Talk on Palm Sunday, 2009 (05.04.09)before a prayer walk around Wormley

Lot’s of fuss earlier this week about Obama visiting the UK. Did you see his car! (Show picture)

Observers say the car is likely to include:
• bullet proof glass
• armoured body,
• a separate oxygen supply,
• completely sealed interior to protect against a chemical attack.
• Some joke the car is so tough it could withstand a rocket-propelled grenade.

David Caldwell of General Motors who made it joked: ‘One of the specifications is that we don’t talk about the specifications’. What a contrast to Jesus coming into town, not in ‘The Beast’ but on a donkey…

But like the coming of Obama, Jesus coming to Jerusalem caused great celebrations!
• Cloaks on road – like red carpet
• Joyful praise!
• Other versions – palm branches, waving flags

But like Obama coming to London, not all were happy. The protests then were by the Pharisees who told him to make his disciples be quiet.

• Jealous? Afraid that the crowds might shift their allegiance from them to him?
• Afraid? Afraid of what the Romans might do? Would they decide that the Jews were crossing the line?
• Didn’t think it was right – should be celebrating Passover, God’s rescue, not Jesus

I wonder what Obama felt this week about all the fuss? How did it make him feel? What did it make him do?

Jesus looks over the city as he came, and cried over it
• Not self important, but concerned for people
• Prayerful
• Upset as Jerusalem didn’t recognize him for who he was

I’m always struck by this part of the passage. Struck by the humanity of Jesus, the emotions he feels. Struck by the depth of his feelings too – even for those who he knows are against him, or will turn against him in a few short days. Always challenges me to ask how much I care for those in my communities. Do I see through those outside the school, or in the shops or at the doctors, or even judge them? Jesus didn’t…

As we walk in a moment – try and see Wormley as Jesus does. Pray for the people and places we see. Pray that they might enjoy God and recognise him.

But was Jesus just concerned about that town, those people, his people?
He was inclusive, concerned for foreigners, those who came from elsewhere – turning over tables so that the Gentiles could pray and meet with God.
As we walk, let’s pray for those of other cultures and backgrounds in this area, that they might be made welcome. Pray too that we might be open to those outside the church


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