The Year that Lasts Forever

Had a great night last night with my regular Pendragon Group. Theoretically we meet every fortnight for a couple of hours on a Monday evening, in reality its more like 3 times every couple of months – a far cry from those heady gaming weekends of my youth where we played for every minute the day gave us! It remains great fun. The only catch is that some of the scenarios which are supposed to last but one game session (Pendragon has one year per session in theory) last a span of some months, and the current one is no exception. We started on May 17th, and we’re still going. You can read the account here if you’re interested. Some finish the Great Pendragon Campaign in a couple of years. Us? It will be a decade at least until we’re done!

So what keeps me gaming? I guess there are many answers. On one level gathering together with a group of friends is of itself a good thing, and the game encourages us to meet. I also love creating a new world, an emerging story that is shared by us – if you read the write ups they will seem no doubt dry and stilted, but when we read them, they take us back to a living breathing world. Of late I’ve been trying to find ways in which this act of generation is more shared, the players not just responding to a world I’ve made. I’ve been experimenting with allowing them to decide more what they are going to do, where they want to take the sessions. I’m also using more random tables and the like to generate new ideas – not wholesale situations, but little seeds we can then riff off and grow as fits our story. A bit Old School perhaps, but just because its old, doesn’t mean it’s no good!


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