The Meaning of Life Is______.

I’m in the throes of putting together the latest Alpha Course for our church. Really looking forward to it. For those who don’t know Alpha, its a series of evenings, starting with a meal, followed by a talk and finishing with discussion groups, focussing each week on one aspect of what Christianity is all about. Some might think this is a case of our trying to push our beliefs down other people’s throats, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The idea is to present basic information about the church and our faith so that folk can weigh it up for themselves. This discussion groups are key in this. Here people can raise questions, offer alternative views and explore with others the issues that have been presented. We don’t present our material as ‘this is the truth and you must believe it’ rather we say ‘this is what we believe and why, weigh it up and see what you think’. Very different. Hopefully by the end of it, those who attend will have developed an informed view of Christianity – if they decide to become Christians themselves, great, but if not, that’s fine. The whole point is that there are no strings attached. To be honest, I also learn a lot through running Alpha. People’s views and questions force me to reflect on what I believe, sometimes causing me to rethink why I believe certain things, or to see things differently. If you want to know more about our course, visit our church website. Alternatively, visit Alpha’s own website.


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