Pulpy Madness

In need of fast inspiration! Tomorrow night I am running a games set in the world of The Day After Ragnarak, but rather than running it with its default system (Savage Worlds) I am using FATE, specifically of the Dresden Files RPG variety. This will be my first game using FATE, either as a player or as a GM. Having offered to run it a week or so back, but with not so much response, I thought we would end up board gaming and so put it to one side to focus on prepping some Pendragon scenarios I’m writing for a Fenland Sourcebook (a personal project, not one that’s been commissioned!) Then, yesterday, all of a sudden, it’s game on. Two days to plan the game, learn the system and produce the character sheets and other handouts. Serves me right!

Quite nervous about running it now. Instinctively I like what FATE is trying to do. I love the concept of aspects and what reads as a fairly free and flexible system, but I’ve never seen it in action and so I’ve no idea what it will turn out to be like in practice. As for finishing the plans on time, this suddenly seems to be a good time to put some GM Prep-lite plans in place as previously mentioned.


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