Review: Ringworld

RingworldRingworld by Larry Niven

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think I liked this book a lot.

What did I like? I loved some of the ideas and concepts that were explored, the employment of natural selection, the Ringworld and the implications of its scale and design, and the exploration of how the different species think and relate to each other rather than their simply being humans that look different. The central concept of how Teela’s luck affected the others was also intriguing. I enjoyed Niven’s style, I found it easy to read and engaging.

So why only I think I liked it? I found the second half of the book meandered a bit – not so much of a climax but a setting up of a sequel. I found I closed it a bit frustrated that I didn’t have more answers. The treatment of women was a touch dated too, they were certainly less rounded than the male characters.

Frustrations aside, if the sequel does turn up in our library, I’ll certainly pick it up.

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