Review: diaspora

diasporadiaspora by B. Murray
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a brilliant scf-fate rpg. Haven’t the time to do a full review just now, but had to sing its praise. A simple implementation of the FATE system, it does what it sets out to do efficiently and effectively. This is one game I intend to use lots. I think in FATE I have finally found my rpg alongside Pendragon

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One thought on “Review: diaspora

  1. Ran my first one-shot using Diaspora the other night. The system proved as effective to run as a read through suggested it would. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to try out the mini-games beyond a very simply personal combat encounter.

    * The characters came to life very quickly. I’d made pre-gens as it was a one shot, but the aspect system allowed the ideas behind their stories to quickly be grasped by the players and clearly enabled the back-story / personality of the characters to have a direct impact on the game.
    * The players, although long term gamers, quickly grasped how the system worked, and were quickly throwing FATE points around.
    * The use of FATE points as a tool for the players to introduce facts into the game (make declarations) was great for me as a GM. I didn’t need to know everything about the setting as the players were directly helping generate it as we went along, creating features that could come straight into play, or be referenced in later games.

    So much fun was had that I am taking the game away to Sierra Leone with me, with the intention of converting what was to be a one-off into a mini campaign.

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