Blues Alive

Talking over breakfast this morning I mentioned that Gary Moore had died. The children asked who he was, and so immediately I reached for my copy of his live blues album ‘Blues Alive’ to give them a taste of this master at work. I was fortunate enough to see him at the Albert Hall during this period, and was totally blown away by him. There was something about the energy with which he played and his tone, that screaming, pure tone that sounded as if at any moment it could break free but somehow he always managed to keep it under control. I played a couple of his blues numbers and then Parisienne Walkways with that incredible 30s sustained note. Whilst baffling for non-guitarists, as a player I cannot help but stand amazed at this – at the Albert Hall jaws were dropping. How he manages it, I do not know, but to me it is a sound I’d die for….

Thank you Gary.


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