Review: The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game: Volume One: Your Story

The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game: Volume One: Your StoryThe Dresden Files Roleplaying Game: Volume One: Your Story by Leonard Balsera
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I bought this on the back of Evil Hat’s first outing with FATE, The Spirit of the Century, as part of a burgeoning love affair with the FATE rpg (roleplaying game).

For those who don’t know what an rpg is, its a game of collaborative story telling. One player comes up with the story and describes what is happening (often called the Games Master or GM for short). The other players design characters who will feature as the heroes in that setting. They get to describe what their characters do in response to the scene that the GM sets. The GM then, using his imagination and the rules in the game, determines what the outcomes are, and so it goes.

This particular rpg is based upon the urban fantasy series of novels called The Dresden Files – modern pulp if you like with a cast of vampires, werewoves and other fantasy tropes set in modern times. The books are a fun read, if not overly demanding on the little grey brain cells, but as a gamer, to me they instantly called out to be used as an rpg setting – hence this gem!

FATE is the rpg system used behind this book. At its heart it is a very simple game, but with layers of complexity that can be added to it, building up the crunch level as desired. Its a large book, not so much because of the complexity of the game, but because it is bursting with full-colour pictures and written illustrations of how the rules work. In places it seems a little disorganised, but this is inevitable with such a large work. Personally I love it. It’s use of FATE’s Aspects – simple phrases used to describe the character – really lends itself to this particular genre.

I suspect I’ll not use it for playing within the world of the Dresden Files all that much – to be honest vampires and werewolves aren’t particularly my thing – but will certainly adapt it for use in other urban fantasy settings. Already I have used it to run ‘Day After Ragnorak’ games, and have campaigns based on ‘War of the Flowers’ and the Fables series in mind.

A great game. Recommended!

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