Preparing for the Hunger Run

This Sunday I’m taking part in my first running ‘race’. I write race in inverted commas as there only me in this race and the clock. I’m running a distance of ~15km around the Churches in our local Churches Together group, leaving our church as the service starts and trying to finish it an hour and a half later as the service ends. I’m doing this to raise awareness of the new Food Bank that we’ve recently started, and hopefully not funds but food as I seek people to sponsor me in items of food per church reached before noon. On the way I shall stagger into churches as invited to say a few words about the Food Bank. This is the bit I dread, not the speaking, but the stopping and starting, which is harder than continuous running.

The idea came to me as I cycled back from some work we were doing around the Olympics at the White Water Centre in Lea Valley. I was thinking of how the Apostle Paul had a two-fold nature to his work, travelling from place to place telling them about Jesus’ love, and at the same time showing Jesus’ love through taking up a collection for the poor in Jerusalem. The Food Bank is our way of helping the ‘poor’ in our region, and this ‘Hunger Run’ is my re-imagining of Paul’s travelling around the churches taking up an offering.

My training has been somewhat erratic with holidays and other activities over August, but I have managed to run the course a couple of times now so I know I can do it. The big question is what impact will stopping and starting have on me physically and time-wise and will I be able to cope with the temperature that is predicted for us, a surprising 28 degrees centigrade!


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