Hunger Run – finished!

Just got back from finishing the Hunger Run! Managed with much encouragement, prayer and many cups of cold water, to get around all the churches, squeeze in numerous stops to speak and stills got back with a minute to go! Great to see so many people and to be reminded once again that despite our differences that we are one family. In case anyone is interested, the timings were:

10.30am – leave Wormley Free Church
St. Laurence CofE, Wormley – left 10.37am
URC, Broxbourne – left 10.53am
St Augustine’s CofE Broxbourne – left 10.56am
St Augustine’s RC, Hoddesdon – left 11.05am
St Catherine & St Paul’s CofE, Hoddesdon – left 11.11am
Hoddesdon Baptist – left 11.17am
Hoddesdon Methodist – left 11.18am
St. Cuthberts’s CofE, Hoddesdon – left 11.25am
Riverside Elim, Hoddesdon – left 11.32am
St. Augustine’s CofE, Broxbourne – passed by again at 11.49am!
Wormley Free Church  – 11.59am – finished with a minute to spare…

Now time for a long cold shower and a sit down.

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