Hacking FATE for Horror

Toying with the idea of hacking FATE for use for horror games (Gothic Horror? inevitably inspired by the flavour of Call of Cthulhu, but not necessarily using this setting) Thought I might post some of my thoughts here as I go.

First steps, decide what needs looking at in the system to adapt it for this genre. Which bits need to be tweaked?

  • How many Aspects does each character have? Not a fan of 10 as in Spirit of the Century, and so will probably err towards 5-7. What should each Aspect refer to – background, relationship to other characters etc. How can this reinforce the genre?
  • What Skills can they chose from? Are they developed as a pyramid, or a column, or something else? Will need to think here about using evocative names rather than bland generic ones to conjure up the desired feeling.
  • Should Stunts be available? Thinking possibly not – don’t want the characters to be special because of what they can do, rather because of their personality. The setting seems to call for exploring normal humans facing extraordinary things.
  • Do I use Stress Tracks? If so, which ones?
  • With a clear nod towards Call of Cthulhu, do I need some way of measuring a characters sanity? If so how – with a Stress Track? Or through Aspects being given (like Consequences) to indicate their mental condition if they deteriorate? Perhaps this could be coupled to a Sanity Skill – when faced with a shock to the system, the players roll against this. If they fail, they gain either Stress to a Sanity Track, or pick up Consequences relevant to the amount they failed by.
  • How about using Templates to reinforce some of the genre stereotypes in character generation?

More another time…


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