FATE Horror Skills – First Draft

Spent a little while working through the Call of Cthulhu and Spirit of the Century skill lists today to help produce a list of skills for my FATE Horror hack. Here’s where I’ve got to so far. Want to work on the names to make them a little more evocative of a 1920’s type setting

  • Knowledge Skills (what you know): Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Languages (like Diaspora – higher rating, higher number known), Law, Medicine, Occult, Psychology, Research (how to use libraries etc.), Sciences, Theology
  • Physical Skills (what you can do): Athletics, Constitution (determines Health stress track), Drive, First Aid, Fortitude (?) (determines Composure stress track), Locks, Perception, Pilot, Ride, Subterfuge (sneak, disguise etc.), Survival
  • Interpersonal Skills (how you relate to others): Contacts, Intimidate, Leadership, Oratory, Persuade, Social Standing (use to reflect social class),
  • Combat Skills: Unarmed, Firearms, Weapons
  • Other: Resources (determines Wealth Stress Track like Diaspora)

Depending on how I work mental health into this (Sanity in CoC terms), there might be a Stress track with related skill for that too.

How does that sound? Anything obvious overlooked? Any better name suggestions (looking for a 1920s, British vibe).


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