Review: How I Won the Yellow Jumper: Dispatches from the Tour de France

How I Won the Yellow Jumper: Dispatches from the Tour de France
How I Won the Yellow Jumper: Dispatches from the Tour de France by Ned Boulting
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved this book!

Grew up watching the Tour de France with my Dad, and have seen virtually every stage televised in the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10’s to date. Throughout this time the commentary team of Phil Ligget, Paul Sherwen, Gary Imlach and more recently Chris Boardman and Ned Boulting have been my travelling companions as I’ve learnt how this gruelling sport works. I’ve watched heady days of dramatic climbs, ongoing duels between champions and of course the gloom of drugs cheats envelop the Tour. Most excitingly, I’ve watched as British Cycling has emerged from the occasional glimmer of hope to being Green and Yellow Jersey winners! Heady days indeed.

Boulting’s book is a wonderful behind the scenes read. His style is conversational, witty and easy going. He covers the big topics and the small idiosyncrases of life following the Tour with humour and personal insight. This isn’t a book about the racing – if you want to learn about how the race works, the tactics and regulations, this isn’t the book for you – but let’s face it, the Tour is so much more than just the race but is a movement, a lifstyle, an annual pilgrimage even. This is a book of the life around the Tour and the challenges of presenting it.

I would certainly recommend this book to all sports fans and anyone interested in the world of road racing. Look out for the edition that includes the update ‘How Cav Won the Green Jersey’. I wonder if there will be an update to include the unprecedented British Tour win by Bradley Wiggins?

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