Review: Dead Angels

Dead Angels
Dead Angels by Gunnar Roxen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of Dead Angels for review purposes.

Dead Angel’s is Gunnar Roxen’s second work in the Agency Case Files series of books, following on from The Wyld Hunt. This is set before the first book and is a novella rather than a full novel, and is based upon Lovelace who is also featured in the first book, exploring a case he was involved in before joining the Agency and partnering with Aries.

Like the Wyld Hunt, this is a fast paced investigation novel. A body is found washed up in Victory Docks in this futuristic London. A girl, dressed as an angel. Who is she? How did she end up here? Who is responsible? The story is well told, fleshing out Lovelace a lot more in his own right as it goes. Lovelace is a Pure, a human subspecies, enhanced with a toughened muscle bound figure, decorated with tattoos which tell his life story to those of the same religion. Because of this, and his shark-like teeth and all black eyes, he is regarded with suspicion by other humans, but he is also shunned by those of his own race for his work with the police. Alongside the plot of the investigation, this novella explores the divided loyalties of Lovelace as well as the impact of his faith upon his outlook and work, adding a further layer of depth to the setting beyond that laid down in the first book. There are some well written tender and delicate moments as well in the book, as well as the high powered action and the dark griminess of the setting, providing relief and adding roundedness.

It is a quick and highly enjoyable read, and it is satisfying seeing the setting and characters develop in depth. This is a series I will continue reading.

(Do also see my review on the first book.)

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