Review: The Fourth Bear

The Fourth Bear
The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My third and final holiday book this Summer. A perfect read for taking out and about with its small chapters and sections that makes it ideal for dipping in and out of. This is the second of Fforde’s ‘Nursery Crime’ books after ‘The Big Over Easy’ and picks up where the first finished, continuing with the same continual flow of nursery rhyme/fairy tale related gags and puns. As before, the plot is a solid whoddunnit in its own right and the humour and ideas still enjoyable. Of special mention yet again are the ‘quotes’ at the start of each chapter – if like me you usually jump over such things, don’t if you read this book. They are delightful! As you might guess from the title, this is all to do with Bears, smuggling bears in fact (read bears who smuggle rather than who are smuggled here) and Goldilocks and cucumbers (you’re right, you’ll probably not get that bit from the title). Why only three stars? Perhaps it should be 3 1/2, but there’s no option for that, but although I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was more of the same, the same goodness admittedly, but still the same.

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