Clip-less pedals – I’ve now had ‘my moment’

Switched my bike pedals to clip-less pedals the other day and installed cleats on my cycling shoes. This means that my shoes click into the pedals a bit like skis and ski-boots. This gives security in knowing your foot won’t slip off the pedal at a crucial moment and also greater efficiency in pedalling. Approached this with some trepidation, you see there is apparently for every clip-less cyclists ‘a moment’ that needs to be endured when you slow to a stop, attempt to get your foot out of the pedal, wobble and fall over. Had that moment today cycling into Cheshunt. A wonderful slow motion topple onto the pavement with everyone watching! Mercifully no one pointed and laughed, although I certainly did – seemed the easiest way to cover it! Hmm, more practice needed…


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