I Would Like to Thank…

We’re coming to the end of the annual award season with the Oscars last week and the Baftas shortly before, the time when the great and the good in the showbiz award gather in their new frocks and best smiles to pat each other on the back and reward those who have deemed to have been the best over the last year.

As a celebrity worshipping culture, we love this. We love to debate who’s going to win and argue over the relative merits of films and performances, pages and pages in the press will be devoted to admiring the outfits on show and any faux pas committed will quickly go viral on Youtube; we love a trip on the way to the podium, or an unmasked grimace when a competitor wins! One thing, however, I think is mutually hated, is the obligatory award speech where the recipient of an award thanks it sometimes feels like everybody they have ever met and known! We don’t mind one such speech, but after a couple it becomes tedious viewing. A couple of hours later and it is simply all too much…

That whinge out of the way, the thank you speech is an important thing. No one wins such an award on their own; to get to that point requires the support and hard work of countless people, many of whom will never get their moment in the spotlight and will never be household names like those who receive the coveted prizes. It is only right for an artist to give credit where credit’s due, even if it doesn’t make exciting viewing on TV. A simple thank you might require only a few words and take a short moment (although at the Oscars these soon add up) but the effect on the recipient is much bigger, let’s face it, we all like to have our hard work recognized and our efforts appreciated.

Lent is a good time for reflection, and perhaps this season one thing worth reflecting on is who has made a difference to our lives, whether that be at home, at work, in school or in the church. Who has made our lives better than they would have been without their contribution? Who is it that has invested their time and emotion in you, not for their benefit but yours? Is this the time to say thank you? It doesn’t cost much – no new frocks are required for this – but it makes a significant difference!


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