The Importance of Story

Just read this by Joanne Harris in the Telegraph:

Stories – even fairy stories – are not just entertainment. Stories are important. They help us understand who we are. They teach us empathy, respect for other cultures, other ideas. They help us articulate concepts that cannot otherwise be expressed. Stories help us communicate; they bring us together; they teach us different ways to see the world. Their value may be intangible, but it is still real.

That’s why our politicians, far from closing libraries, should be opening new ones. That’s why our thinkers, instead of dismissing fairytales as fantasy, should celebrate creativity. That’s why our schools, instead of teaching literature in the way that gets the best grades, should be using it to fire pupils’ enthusiasm and imagination.

In the dark old days, the storyteller always had the best place by the campfire. Those days may be gone, but the power of story remains. It’s time we acknowledged that, and brought our authors out of the cold.

Couldn’t agree more!

As a lover of stories, both ‘recipient’ and ‘writer’ (apostrophes to recognise that a story is always a cooperative experience/event even if the author wrote the words in another continent and century to the reader) I see time and time again how stories have change our perceptions and thinking and consequently our lives. Stories have the power to shape our identity and outlook in a powerful way. As a Christian I also want to say yes, being the lover of what has sometimes been branded the greatest story ever told and a follower of the Word made flesh.


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