The Waterboys at The Camden Roundhouse, 3rd February 2015

2015-02-03 20.37.10Was lucky enough to secure a ticket to see The Waterboys last night at The Roundhouse on their tour to promote their new album ‘Modern Blues’. As I’d expected from this enigmatic band it was a storming show, a wonderful blend of old and new, with a lovely soul sound running through it as inspired by the new album. Managed to get to the front too! I love the way in which their gigs are a such a mix of songs and styles, and there’s always a surprise somewhere down the line. Mike Scott was at his rasping best, Steve Wickham delightful on the fiddle, transported and transporting us away with his magic and Ralph Salmins the powerhouse you’d expect on drums. Brother Paul on the keys was a wild addition with a Cheshire Cat grin that was as loud as his trousers (and that’s saying something!).  David Hood brought all his experience to play on bass, providing with the snappily dressed Zach Ernst on guitar that soul sound. If you’ve not seen them before and get the chance, grab tickets immediately!



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