Easter: Where Do You Stand

ChurchAds.Net have produced another catchy campaign for Easter this year, continuing their tradition of provocative adverts such as the Che Guevara-esque revolutionary poster of Jesus (Meek, Mild, As if), and ‘Surprise! Sais Jesus to his friends 3 days after they buried him…’ This year’s effort can be seen at http://www.wheredoyoustand.co.uk. It has a film noir … Continue reading Easter: Where Do You Stand

The Riddler

It's been a while since I last posted a newsletter article, perhaps it's time to do so again!... There’s a character in Batman called The Riddler, a villain who delights in incorporating riddles and puzzles into his criminal plots for Batman and the authorities to solve, his outfits often incorporating a question mark motif, the … Continue reading The Riddler

Luke 24 – Experiencing the Risen Christ!

Notes from an All Age Easter Celebration Service, Easter Day 2009 (12.04.09) When today’s passage was first written, it was a brand new story and that was the problem, which was why Luke had to stress that Jesus’ death and resurrection had always been intended. • The women who went to the tomb were told … Continue reading Luke 24 – Experiencing the Risen Christ!

Luke 19:28-48 – The Visit of the King

Notes from an All Age Service Talk on Palm Sunday, 2009 (05.04.09)before a prayer walk around Wormley Lot's of fuss earlier this week about Obama visiting the UK. Did you see his car! (Show picture) Observers say the car is likely to include: • bullet proof glass • armoured body, • a separate oxygen supply, … Continue reading Luke 19:28-48 – The Visit of the King

Luke 22:66-23:56 – Who Was That Masked Man?

Notes from a sermon preached on Good Friday 2009 (10.04.09) For many the sound of the William Tell Overture will conjure up memories of radio and TV westerns with a masked man with American Indian companion confronting conflicts and problems, with the famous question, ‘Who was that masked man?’ Whilst the Lone Ranger may now … Continue reading Luke 22:66-23:56 – Who Was That Masked Man?