tremulus rpg & The Game of Whit’s sneak preview

I've backed the Kickstarter for the Tremulus, a Lovecraftian horror rpg. Based on the Apocolypse World rpg engine, and influenced by FATE and Fiasco, this looks just down my street. Can't wait to receive it and be able to give it a whirl. The tremulus Kickstarter can be found here. In the meantime, I've been enjoying … Continue reading tremulus rpg & The Game of Whit’s sneak preview

FATE Horror Skills – First Draft

Spent a little while working through the Call of Cthulhu and Spirit of the Century skill lists today to help produce a list of skills for my FATE Horror hack. Here's where I've got to so far. Want to work on the names to make them a little more evocative of a 1920's type setting … Continue reading FATE Horror Skills – First Draft

Hacking FATE for Horror

Toying with the idea of hacking FATE for use for horror games (Gothic Horror? inevitably inspired by the flavour of Call of Cthulhu, but not necessarily using this setting) Thought I might post some of my thoughts here as I go. First steps, decide what needs looking at in the system to adapt it for … Continue reading Hacking FATE for Horror

Review: The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game: Volume One: Your Story

The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game: Volume One: Your Story by Leonard Balsera My rating: 4 of 5 stars I bought this on the back of Evil Hat's first outing with FATE, The Spirit of the Century, as part of a burgeoning love affair with the FATE rpg (roleplaying game). For those who don't know what … Continue reading Review: The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game: Volume One: Your Story

FATE Core & Strands of FATE

Fred Hicks of FATE fame has just posted an off the top of is head summary of the core rules of FATE 3.0: For those who are shy of the big tomes that have been written for the FATE games to date, this provides a simple overview of the rules with little in the way … Continue reading FATE Core & Strands of FATE

Making GM-Prepping Easier

Just read an interesting article on prepping for GMing roleplaying sessions: Prep-Lite Manifesto- The Template I know that I try and prep too much and can veer towards the railroady if not careful. Might try following this template for my next session - particularly useful as I'm using FATE/DFRPG which lends itself to this with … Continue reading Making GM-Prepping Easier