Hunger Run – finished!

Just got back from finishing the Hunger Run! Managed with much encouragement, prayer and many cups of cold water, to get around all the churches, squeeze in numerous stops to speak and stills got back with a minute to go! Great to see so many people and to be reminded once again that despite our differences that we are one family. In case anyone is interested, the timings were:

10.30am – leave Wormley Free Church
St. Laurence CofE, Wormley – left 10.37am
URC, Broxbourne – left 10.53am
St Augustine’s CofE Broxbourne – left 10.56am
St Augustine’s RC, Hoddesdon – left 11.05am
St Catherine & St Paul’s CofE, Hoddesdon – left 11.11am
Hoddesdon Baptist – left 11.17am
Hoddesdon Methodist – left 11.18am
St. Cuthberts’s CofE, Hoddesdon – left 11.25am
Riverside Elim, Hoddesdon – left 11.32am
St. Augustine’s CofE, Broxbourne – passed by again at 11.49am!
Wormley Free Church  – 11.59am – finished with a minute to spare…

Now time for a long cold shower and a sit down.


It’s this Morning: The Hunger Run

Ok, so the morning of the run has come (see my last blog post for details). Woke nervous and excited! More churches have come forward asking if I can call in – it has become a real challenge to fit them all in and get back by 12 noon. Not sure if I can do it, but will give it my best shot. Clear blue skies; it’s going to be dry and hot. Definitely need to take plenty of water. Butterflies in the stomach as I type. Going to be a good day.

Preparing for the Hunger Run

This Sunday I’m taking part in my first running ‘race’. I write race in inverted commas as there only me in this race and the clock. I’m running a distance of ~15km around the Churches in our local Churches Together group, leaving our church as the service starts and trying to finish it an hour and a half later as the service ends. I’m doing this to raise awareness of the new Food Bank that we’ve recently started, and hopefully not funds but food as I seek people to sponsor me in items of food per church reached before noon. On the way I shall stagger into churches as invited to say a few words about the Food Bank. This is the bit I dread, not the speaking, but the stopping and starting, which is harder than continuous running.

The idea came to me as I cycled back from some work we were doing around the Olympics at the White Water Centre in Lea Valley. I was thinking of how the Apostle Paul had a two-fold nature to his work, travelling from place to place telling them about Jesus’ love, and at the same time showing Jesus’ love through taking up a collection for the poor in Jerusalem. The Food Bank is our way of helping the ‘poor’ in our region, and this ‘Hunger Run’ is my re-imagining of Paul’s travelling around the churches taking up an offering.

My training has been somewhat erratic with holidays and other activities over August, but I have managed to run the course a couple of times now so I know I can do it. The big question is what impact will stopping and starting have on me physically and time-wise and will I be able to cope with the temperature that is predicted for us, a surprising 28 degrees centigrade!