Take a Break

Let me be honest with you, coming up with ideas for the newsletter each week can be a bit of a struggle. Some weeks I have some notes jotted down from something I’ve heard or seen, but often the allotted slot in the timetable comes along and I stop and think and …nothing comes. In … Continue reading Take a Break



Mike Pilavachi from Soul Survivor tells a great story about when he was learning to hear God speak. His senior minister had organised a gathering of ministers and their partners for a conference. As part of that, they were invited to come and be prayed for. As part of this Mike’s colleague shared with them … Continue reading Responding

Bertie Goes to Pray…

A 'public announcement' about prayer that my son and I put together for a recent all-age service at our church on this topic. We had great fun putting it together, especially the costume and effects, including the 'jumping around' to make it look authentic...   The music came from the royalty free music collection hosted … Continue reading Bertie Goes to Pray…