The Uninventor

I treated myself the other week to getting the latest book of short stories by Neil Gaiman, one of my favourite authors, out of the library. He's a fantastic writer with many clever ideas and stories to tell. One of his greatest talents in my opinion is his ability to have fun with words, to … Continue reading The Uninventor

Faith on Two Wheels

A few weeks ago I went for a ride with a couple of friends of mine. We hadn’t ridden together before, but had talked frequently about our love of cycling both as a sport to watch and as something to do. After months of saying we must go for a spin together, the alarm clock … Continue reading Faith on Two Wheels


The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan has shocked everyone around the world - who cannot help but be affected by the horrendous footage we have seen? As a Christian, this inevitably provokes questions. Why does God allow such events? Why does he allow such suffering? In an attempt to help think through these questions, … Continue reading Why?