Saving Paradise

I’ve been gradually ploughing my way through a thought provoking tome entitled ‘Saving Paradise’ by Brock and Parker. Having done a survey of Christian art through history, they argue that the Cross wasn’t always the key Christian symbol as it is now, Paradise was. They’re not denying the vital significance and importance of Jesus’ death and … Continue reading Saving Paradise

You’re Not Invited!

There’s nothing worse than being excluded. There’s nothing worse than everyone else in your class going to a party and discovering that you’re not invited. I remember clearly lining up for games and not being picked. How is it that at a disco everyone else knows the latest moves to the current favourite tracks but … Continue reading You’re Not Invited!

Review: Once and for All: A Confession of the Cross

Once and for All: A Confession of the Cross by Tom Smail My rating: 5 of 5 stars This book was recommended to me a while ago by a friend when I mentioned that I was struggling to reshape my understanding of Christ's death and resurrection after a period of becoming dissatisfied with the theology … Continue reading Review: Once and for All: A Confession of the Cross