Saving Paradise

I’ve been gradually ploughing my way through a thought provoking tome entitled ‘Saving Paradise’ by Brock and Parker. Having done a survey of Christian art through history, they argue that the Cross wasn’t always the key Christian symbol as it is now, Paradise was. They’re not denying the vital significance and importance of Jesus’ death and … Continue reading Saving Paradise

The Fifth Gospel?

Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. We all know that these are the names of the four Gospels, the ‘biographies’ of Jesus in the New Testament (of course to simply call them biographies is misleading, they do talk about Jesus life, but ponder about what they miss out, what they include and what they’re trying to … Continue reading The Fifth Gospel?

Review: John for Everyone, Part 1

John for Everyone, Part 1 by N.T. Wright My rating: 4 of 5 stars N.T. Wright has the wonderful gift of being able to write in a very gentle accessible way whilst getting across a lot of ideas and inspiration. This commentary is a great example of that. Littered with many illustrations from modern life … Continue reading Review: John for Everyone, Part 1