Review: The Man Who Cycled the World. Mark Beaumont

The Man Who Cycled the World. Mark Beaumont
The Man Who Cycled the World. Mark Beaumont by Mark Beaumont
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another recommendation for my friends who like either cycling or travel. This is the autobiographical account of Mark Beaumont’s successful attempt to cycle around the world faster than anyone else had done before him.

I recognise that this won’t be a book for everyone. The writing isn’t necessarily the best. The details can get repetitive, there’s only so many ways in which you can describe mechanical issues and saddle sores before it gets a little tedious, but as a keen cyclist and lover of discovering about other cultures, this had me hooked from the start to finish. Not only did I admire the challenge and cycling feat undertaken, but I found that the book gave a great account of the differing cultures that Mark swept through , especially the more Middle Eastern countries about which I knew very little. It is satisfying to learn that the world isn’t homogeneous, but differs from locale to locale in both appearance and customs. Made me want to get out to some of these places myself. Also invigorating and a great antidote to the moans of the media were the many stories of little and big acts of kindness that Mark witnessed, those who stopped and gave him food or drink, or invited him to stay with them, even or especially in the poorest of countries.

An uplifting read, a must for bike and travel fans everywhere!

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