I………… Therefore I Am

I heard a rumour the other day that Blankety Blank, the panel show from my childhood that sticks in my mind most of all, is coming back with Miranda as the proposed host (there’s a link to last night’s gig for you). The idea behind it for those who don’t remember or are too young … Continue reading I………… Therefore I Am

Banned Books

I was browsing on the web this week and discovered a list of the most famous banned books. You've never guess what was on there... Lent is traditionally a time for reflection and a period during which Christians are encouraged to devote time to reading the Bible (something we're always called to do, of course, … Continue reading Banned Books

3000 Puppets in a Warehouse

In an abandoned warehouse in Chicago hang decaying three thousand marionettes. Sound like a scene from a chilling horror movie? It might do, but this was the discovery of Joseph R. Lewis, a producer and director. Together they make the lost family of Ralph Kipniss America’s last great puppet maker and puppeteer, from the line … Continue reading 3000 Puppets in a Warehouse