A Match Made in Heaven

This week Spurgeon’s Bible College asked me if I could send in an academic CV – I’ve applied to do further studies with them. In the process of doing it I remembered an article I did for a science journal, The Biochemist, in my early days at my last church when my science background was … Continue reading A Match Made in Heaven


There was a Young Monk, Middle-Aged Monk and an Old Monk…

Which one are you? A few of us attended parts of Holy Trinity Brompton’s Leadership Conference at the start of the week; a great opportunity to worship, be exposed to great teaching and get to talk to Christians from all over the place. It was another reminder about the blessing and privilege of being part … Continue reading There was a Young Monk, Middle-Aged Monk and an Old Monk…

God’s Handiwork

God's Handiwork As some of you may know, Charlotte is into astronomy and the other year purchased a telescope. Looking through it at the Moon and recently Jupiter and its moons has inspired me as well; seeing these heavenly bodies with such detail for myself was breathtaking. I’ve recently discovered FutureLearn.com, a website that offers … Continue reading God’s Handiwork


I was reading the blog of Sean Preston, an author and game designer, when this entry caught my attention: A Quiet Hunger: Developing and Maintaining Creative Discipline “When you first jump into a “thing”, be it badminton or backgammon, track or field, weightlifting or words, it’s often pursued with a righteous passion, a deep hunger … Continue reading Fire!