Love Wins

There’s an irony in the fact that a new book by the American preacher and church leader Rob Bell called ‘Love Wins’ should have stirred up such a bitter debate amongst evangelicals over the last month or so in America. In many ways, this has been their equivalent of the debate sparked off in the … Continue reading Love Wins

A Cash Conundrum

Since coming back from Sierra Leone, I’ve found myself in a bit of a conundrum… Not surprisingly I’ve been thinking a lot about money; how to raise it, how to give it to our friends there, and how to enable them to become more self-sufficient. One story that keeps coming to mind, however, is that of … Continue reading A Cash Conundrum

The Heart of the Problem

Notes from a sermon on Mark 7:1-23 preached at Wormley Free Church on 27.02.11 Out, damned spot! out, I say! So cries Lady Macbeth as she scrubs away at the blood she imagines staining her hand after the murder of King Duncan and Banquo, Macbeth’s former friend. But alas, in her fevered imagination, the mark will … Continue reading The Heart of the Problem