The Return of… The BIGPicnic

The BIGPicnic


This Band Has No Name Yet! – Singing Despite The Rain

Singing Despite The Rain

What a great day The Big Picnic turned out to be – although not in the way we expected! We’d envisaged a day out in the sun lazing to live music whilst the children played around us. Sadly the rain started to come down as soon as we began to unload the stage.

Not to be undone we decided to up sticks and take over the local parish church and halls. The various bands played in the church and the other entertainments happened in the other rooms. A fantastic time was had by all – people rallied around and just got stuck in.

This was the debut gig for our band (and maybe only?), so new that we had no name other than ‘This Band Has No Name Yet!’ Having said that, with the sudden change of plans the posters announcing this were never displayed so no one else knew. The other thing that wasn’t transferred when we moved was the dictaphone I was going to record our set on having trialed it the night before at our rehearsal.

At the end of the day went home shattered but satisfied. Took some time out on Monday and found myself playing around with the recording from the rehearsal. The quality was much better than I had expected, and so here, dud notes and all, is our first ‘album’:

The Big Picnic (Singing Despite The Rain)

  1. Space Oddity
  2. Don’t Stop
  3. I Am The Walrus
  4. Spirit in the Sky
  5. Everybody’s Talkin’ At Me
  6. Come Together
  7. Stop
  8. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  9. Don’t Stop Believing (Bonus Track)
  10. Stand by Me (Bonus Track)
  11. Reprise (Bonus Track)

(The bonus tracks are those which we rehearsed but due to circumstances on the day didn’t play.)

To record it I had simply placed the dictaphone on the floor a few feet away from where we were playing. I’ve tidied up the ends and the beginnings and carefully cut out the background chat as best as I could – and obviously played around with ‘Reprise’. The only other alteration was to stitch together Stop from two attempts – good beginning from one take and a good ending from another; there was some confusion as to the number of ‘stop’s there should be at the end (as again you might hear in ‘Reprise’)