Doctor Who and The Curse of Fatal Death

The recent Comic Relief reminded me of the Doctor Who special they ran written by Steven Moffat featuring Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor. Shared for your amusement!


Ghosts on the Underground?!

Loved this sign from the Underground:

Bertie Goes to Pray…

A ‘public announcement’ about prayer that my son and I put together for a recent all-age service at our church on this topic. We had great fun putting it together, especially the costume and effects, including the ‘jumping around’ to make it look authentic…


The music came from the royalty free music collection hosted at the website incompetech. We devised the script and created the movie with Microsoft Movie Maker.

To find out more about our church, head over here.

So I Watch Dave But….

…does this mean I’m stupid?

I know some people might ridicule those who watch Dave on British TV, but personally I like it. I get my daily dose of Top Gear at lunch time, and some witty banter in the evening with QI or some such comedy show. Heck, they even brought back Red Dwarf! The only downside is the ads, especially at lunch time. Just who do those advertisers think that I am? How low an IQ do they think I have?
Take yesterday lunchtime for example. In the middle of a Top Gear Challenge I was subjected to three ads. The first featured an ex-Eastenders Gangster trying to persuade me to let him be my injury claims layer. No chance. The second told me if I sign up to adopt a rescue dog, my new canine friend would write to me. I’ve never seen a dog hold a pen, let alone know how to spell! The third was for a certain short term loan company who can help me out of a quick fix until payday by my selling my future income to them for eternity. Their APR is longer than a phone number!
Please Dave, I can live with adverts, but credit me with having more braincells than this…