3 Years Late

Just finished listening to Big Finish's 'Tom Baker at 80', an interview conducted by Nick 'voice of the daleks' Briggs. Moving from being comic, to revealing as it explores his past and poinant as Baker talks about his experiences of old age. A thoroughly engaging listen (how could it be otherwise with his majestic voice!)  … Continue reading 3 Years Late

Big Finish – Doctor Who audiobooks

Over the last few years I've developed a love of the fantastic Big Finish audio books, especially their Doctor Who stories. A favourite range has been their Eighth Doctor stories featuring Paul McGann which are absolutely brilliant - despite his short screen time he's now one of my favorites. I've also recently got hold of a couple of … Continue reading Big Finish – Doctor Who audiobooks

The Thrill Is Gone

Today I woke to the sad news that another guitar hero of mine has gone, the great B.B.King, one of the last of the original electric blues players who created this wonderful music. Here's a video which my brother brought to my attention (thanks!) featuring both B.B.King and Gary Moore, another much missed musician who could make this … Continue reading The Thrill Is Gone

The Waterboys at The Camden Roundhouse, 3rd February 2015

Was lucky enough to secure a ticket to see The Waterboys last night at The Roundhouse on their tour to promote their new album 'Modern Blues'. As I'd expected from this enigmatic band it was a storming show, a wonderful blend of old and new, with a lovely soul sound running through it as inspired … Continue reading The Waterboys at The Camden Roundhouse, 3rd February 2015

Review: Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice

Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice by Stephen Baxter My rating: 4 of 5 stars On a bit of a Doctor Who binge this year courtesy of the 50th Anniversary, the new Doctor (Capaldi - brilliant!) and listening to loads of the audio books by Big Finish (www.bigfinish.com - definitely worth a look if you're … Continue reading Review: Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice

‘New’ Queen – Let Me In Your Heart Again

Wonderful to hear Freddie's voice again on a 'new' Queen song. Although I'm disappointed that there are only three 'new' tracks on the new Album, Queen Forever, it still remains a thrill to hear their songs for the first time. This one was originally recorded during work on The Works but didn't make the cut and so … Continue reading ‘New’ Queen – Let Me In Your Heart Again